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This lovely fishing game was made during the Godot Wild Jam 32.
This is my second game jam.

Code and pixel art are my own creation.
Water shader comes from this youtube tutorial.
Music and sound effects come from royalty-free sound banks.

How to play?

Catch fish with your fishing rod!
Move the fishing rod with LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS.
Boost with SPACE and rewind it with the UP arrow.

What happens if you catch all seven species of fish? 

You can find all the types of fish you have caught in the "Fish" menu by pressing the button at the top left of the screen (or ESCAPE).

Each fish you catch increases your currency balance.

You may need to upgrade your fishing rod.
This can be done in the "Equipment" menu.
Upgrade the length to go deeper or the weight to fish bigger fish.

You can also customize your ship in the "Equipment" menu.
Change the color of the sail and the flag according to your taste!


linux.tar.xz 8 MB
Download 26 MB
Download 43 MB

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